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FEATURED CAMPAIGN Say No To Crackers Started By: Partner_Campaigns

Archie Killed While Saving Gay Friend In Comic Book

By Team Halabol
Archies Comics presents a multi-layered social and political propaganda in its’ 36th issue of ‘Life with Archie’. As Archie dies taking the bullet for his gay best friend, it represents the ugly...
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How A Rickshaw Puller Became An Entrepreneur

By Team Halabol
A visit to an aloe vera and amla processing unit in Rajasthan inspired rickshaw puller Dharamveer to create his own multi-purpose prototype of the machine. He went from being a rickshaw puller to a...
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Celebrating Nelson Mandela Day!

By Team Halabol
Nelson Mandela dedicated his life for the freedom and struggle of a just society. Today, the world celebrates Nelson Mandela Day on his 96th birthday. Get inspired for life with these inspiring...
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Living Without A Hand Pump For 10 Years!

By Team Halabol
If water supply goes erratic for one day, our routine comes to a halt. Maniyar village has been living without a hand pump for 10 years. Watch this video to see how their lives are limited to...
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Profits Before People: The Case Of Jaitapur Nuclear Power Plant

By Team Halabol
Jaitapur Nuclear Power Park in Maharashtra is all set to be the world's largest nuclear power plant. Residents of the proposed sites continue to protest against the plant as safety, land acquisitions...
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