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Shila Ghosh: 84-Year-Old Who Toils Hard But Won't Beg

By PenPusher
At an age when all one desires is to lead a peaceful and relaxed life, 84-year-old Shila Ghosh sells home-made chips on a Kolkata pavement, far away from her home, to make ends meet. Her motivation...
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In Search Of Hope- Half Widows of Kashmir

By Divya Dugar
Thousands of people, young and old, have disappeared in Kashmir, leaving behind families in a state of lull, still living in the hope of seeing their loved ones. Estimate shows that there are 1500 to...
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Restaurant Run By Tihar Convicts Wins Praise For Politeness And Hygiene

By Team Halabol
Tihar Jail has taken the idea of rehabilitation a notch above with the Tihar Food Court. The employees of this new air-conditioned restaurant are the convicts of South Asia’s largest prison complex.
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Archie Killed While Saving Gay Friend In Comic Book

By Team Halabol
Archies Comics presents a multi-layered social and political propaganda in its’ 36th issue of ‘Life with Archie’. As Archie dies taking the bullet for his gay best friend, it represents the ugly...
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How A Rickshaw Puller Became An Entrepreneur

By Team Halabol
A visit to an aloe vera and amla processing unit in Rajasthan inspired rickshaw puller Dharamveer to create his own multi-purpose prototype of the machine. He went from being a rickshaw puller to a...
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